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Let us help plan your perfect party. From Birthdays to Bachelor to Receptions, 8 Bit Beans will have everyone entertained and happy on your special day.

Please note we no longer accept party rentals after 7pm, Friday through Sunday.

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Want your event to be just you and your closest friends? No problem! When you book your party, you'll get a minimum of 2 hours access to the arcade exclusively. Starting at $175, with additional hours available for $75.

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Food,Drink,Token Bundles

We've got packages for both kiddos and partiers of legal age. All include a beverage, food item and tokens. Prices vary from $16 to $34, depending on package choice. 

**See below for package options**

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Extra Info

Yes! You can bring your own cake! 

But please no other outside food or drinks.

We are usually a loud environment, if during your party you require a quieter environment, we're happy to turn down volumes to help your guests have the best possible experience!

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Book Your Private Party

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